Terms and Conditions

The Bidvest Bank Call Centre can be reached on:
0860 11 11 77 (domestic) or
+27 11 407 3103 (international)

The use of the Bank’s products and services is subject to the following terms, which form a binding agreement between the Customer and the Bank.


1.1 “agreement” means the contract between you and the Bank as set out in these terms.
1.2 “account holder” means a person sixteen (16) years or older, for whom an account has been opened by the Bank.
1.3 “Account” means any account in the books of the Bank held by the Customer to be used in connection with the Services and includes the record maintained by us of the funds held on any card.
1.4 ”card” means any World Currency Card or other transactional card issued by the Bank to the customer.
1.5 “business hours” means 08h00 – 16h30 GMT, Mondays to Fridays.
1.6 “Customer” means the person registered with the Bank to use the Services and includes the accountholder.
1.7 “delivery” means physical delivery at the address provided by the Customer.
1.8 “delivery address” physical address where the delivery will take place.
1.9 “FICA” means the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, which governs customer identification and verification.
1.10 “our” means the Bank.
1.11 “personal information” is the information we collect from you when we provide you with the services including any application form, correspondence, e-mails, telephone calls, internet communications and the transactions on your account.
1.12 “the Bank” means Bidvest Bank Limited (Registration No. 2000/006478/06).
1.13 “Services” means any services provided by the Bank as described in these terms.
1.14 “transaction history” means the statement of transactions made by you using the card.
1.15 “we” or “us” means the Bank.
1.16 “you” or “your” means the account holder.


Online Foreign Exchange ordering is a service offered by the Bank for the purchase of Bank foreign exchange products, including cards, cash and travellers cheques.


Orders may be placed online via the Bank’s website at any time by completing the order form and providing all the specified information and documents.

A.1.1 Order processing time will be 48 hours for orders placed during business hours and 96 hours for orders placed over weekends and public holidays.
A.1.2 Orders will only be processed after all the required information has been provided and all the required FICA documentation provided and verified by the Bank.
A.1.3 Orders will only be delivered after the electronic transfer of funds is visible in our account.
A.1.4 The following functionality will be provided to enable you to access the Online ordering services including:

A.1.4.1 obtaining information relating to the Account and transaction history;
A.1.4.2 uploading the required FICA documentation if required;
A.1.4.3 ordering foreign cash or a World Currency Card;
A.1.4.4 ascertaining the rate applicable to the currency selected;
A.1.4.5 re-loading your World Currency Card;
A.1.4.6 obtaining a quotation at the time of ordering, detailing all fees and charges involved.


A.2.1 The exchange rate applicable to the online order will vary daily in line with the exchange rate set by our foreign exchange traders.
A.2.2 Once you have accepted a quotation the deal may not be changed if the exchange rate changes.


A.3.1 Confirmation of the transaction including the reference number, and a list of outstanding documents will be sent via e-mail.


A.4.1 Agreement to the delivery time and address is at the discretion of the Bank, and the Bank may require a revised address or delivery time at its sole discretion.
A.4.2 If you change the delivery address or time it may result in additional delivery charges.
A.4.3 Confirmation of the delivery time will be sent prior to delivery.
A.4.4 The transaction will be cancelled if you are not present at the delivery address within 15 minutes of the agreed time or if the required documentation (e.g. ID book) cannot be produced at the agreed delivery address and time.


A.5.1 If you cancel the deal before delivery, you will be responsible for the cost of conversion of the currency ordered back to South African rand.
A.5.2 The deal will be cancelled if you only effect partial settlement of a transaction.
A.5.3 The deal will be cancelled if you do not settle within the prescribed time.
A.5.4 The Bank will terminate the deal prior to delivery if there is any reason to suspect that the safety of our staff may be at risk.



B.1.1 The Customer may request the Bank to effect transactions in accordance with these terms and the Customer’s instructions.
B.1.2 The Customer’s instruction becomes irrevocable once submitted to the Bank, and is deemed to have been submitted once the Customer has verified by means of the functionality available.
B.1.3 It is the Customer’s responsibility to secure the password and not disclose it to any unauthorised person.
B.1.4 It is the Customer’s responsibility to take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised use of the Services and access to the Account.
B.1.5 If the Customer suspects that the security of the Internet password has been compromised, it is the Customer’s responsibility to notify the Bank and change the password.
B.1.6 Any act performed, obligation undertaken or omission made by any person other than the Bank in connection with the Services shall be deemed to have been performed, undertaken or made by the Customer, unless the Customer is able to prove that the password has been compromised by the negligence or fraud of one or more Bank employees.


B.2.1 Use of the Services shall not vary any aspect of any banker/customer relationship, or agreement between the Bank and the Customer.
B.2.2 Use of the Services shall not vary the provisions of any clearing or settlement mechanisms and the Bank’s obligations within the South African banking system, which shall take precedence over any obligations of the Bank to the Customer.
B.2.3 The Customer accepts the risk of using the Services and, in particular, that the Bank will not be responsible for any damage, loss or consequential damage which the Customer may suffer arising from such use and as a result of any circumstances beyond the Bank’s reasonable control;
B.2.4 B.2.3 is not intended to exclude the Bank’s liability for loss suffered by the Customer as a result of the fraud or gross negligence of a Bank employee. Such liability shall extend to actual financial damage suffered by the Customer, but shall not include special or consequential damages.


B.3.1 The Customer indemnifies the Bank against any loss and damage the Bank may incur in consequence of, or in any way related to, any:
• use of the Services by the Customer.
• failure, delay, unauthorised use, incorrect procedure, data destruction or other risk, loss or damage envisaged in B.2.3.
• errors arising from the omission or incorrect input of data by the Customer.


The Customer acknowledges that information transmitted through the Internet or any other communication system, including wireless communication system, is susceptible to unlawful access, distortion and monitoring, and that the Customer uses the Services at his/her own risk.


B.5.1 The Customer will be solely responsible for the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the connection to the Internet and any related expenses will be borne by the Customer.
B.5.2 If the Customer experiences problems with the Internet and the Internet connection, it is the Customer’s responsibility to liaise with the Internet service provider prior to contacting the Bank.


In the absence of our negligence or wilful misconduct we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising, including but not limited to, any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of our provision of incorrect information to any person (including any credit reference agency) if such information was provided by us in good faith and without negligence on our part.



C.1.1 Any application for a card is subject to the Bank’s normal approval criteria.
C.1.2 The Bank will request certain information before your application can be considered.
C.1.3 You must provide complete, accurate information.
C.1.4 The application may be declined at the Bank’s discretion.
C.1.5 If you cannot provide satisfactory proof of identity, the Bank may decline your application.
C.1.6 You should sign the card on the reverse as soon as you receive it.
C.1.7 The card is not a credit card and all use is limited to the amount pre-loaded and standing to the credit of the account and any other limits referred to in these terms.
C.1.8 There is no interest payable to you on the credit balance of the account and the account does not amount to a deposit with us.
C.1.9 For the sale of a card to a minor under the age of sixteen (16) years, we require a signature from the minor’s parent or guardian.


C.2.1 World Currency Cards will only be activated after delivery and confirmation that all required documents have been provided.
C.2.2 The card is activated and ready for use at the time of issue to you after confirmation from you.
C.2.3 This agreement shall apply without reservation with effect from the date on which the card is issued to you.
C.2.4 The card is only for your use and expires on the date on the front of the card.
C.2.5 Where a card is lost, stolen or damaged, you can request a replacement by visiting a Bank branch and providing your valid identity document or valid passport.
C.2.6 Should you be abroad, you can contact the call centre, during business hours, which will arrange for the funds in the account to be made available at an outlet of our choice in the country of temporary residence. You agree that the costs may be debited to the funds in your account.
C.2.7 Should a replacement card be forwarded by courier to the country of temporary residence, you agree that the courier’s charges may be debited to the funds in your account.
C.2.8 We will not be liable for any delays in delivery or funds transfer outside of our reasonable control.
C.2.9 Re-loads on World Currency Cards will only be done on confirmation of the funds in our account.
C.2.10 An e-mail or sms confirmation will be sent when the re-load is activated on your account, to the email or cell phone number provided.


C.3.1 Your account will be debited immediately with the amount of each cash withdrawal, payment and any fee, which will reduce the credit available in your account. Each transaction will require authorization or validation before completion.
C.3.2 You agree to accept a credit to your account if you are entitled to a refund for any reason for goods or services purchased using the card.
C.3.3 We cannot stop a transaction or payment once you authorise the use of the card.
C.3.4 The Bank will not be responsible for any loss arising from any failure, malfunction or delay in any electronic point of sale device, EDC terminal or ATM, or any supporting or shared networks, where applicable, resulting from circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Bank and for which the Bank is not responsible.
C.3.5 You must comply with all laws and regulations (including any foreign exchange controls) in respect of the card in the country of purchase and use.
C.3.6 The card is not transferable.
C.3.7 The card may not be used for any unlawful purpose, including the purchase of goods or services prohibited by local law in any jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to determine that a transaction is lawful before you use the card.
C.3.8 The card may not be used for non-travel related payments over the Internet after your return to South Africa.
C.3.9 The card may only be used for international payments.


There are limits on:

C.4.1 the amount you may load onto the card at any one time.
C.4.2 the total amount you may load on all pre-paid cards issued by us during any twelve (12) month period as governed by the exchange control regulations.
C.4.3 daily point-of-sale and ATM transaction amounts.


C.5.1 You will be able to access your account through the call centre or transaction history on the Bank website at www.bidvestbank.co.za to:

C.5.1.1 check your balance.
C.5.1.2 check your transactions.

C.5.3 You are responsible for ensuring that we have your correct cell phone and e-mail address at all times. We will not be responsible if an SMS or e-mail is sent to the incorrect number or address if you have not updated your records with us.
C.5.4 We cannot guarantee the accuracy or arrival time of an SMS or e-mail, as we are dependent on external service providers for the delivery of the information.
C.5.5 Information sent over the Internet may not be completely secure. The Internet and the on-line systems are not controlled or owned by us so we cannot guarantee that they will function at all times and we accept no liability for unavailability or interruption.
C.5.6 Your Account can only be used if it is in credit. If it becomes overdrawn following a transaction authorised by you, you agree to repay the resulting debit balance to us within thirty (30) days of request. A fee may also be payable if the card becomes overdrawn.
C.5.7 If we notice an error in your Account that is our fault we will correct it within five (5) days of becoming aware of the error.
C.5.8 If you notice any error in any transaction on your Account you must notify us immediately at the call centre and in any event within thirty (30) days of the transaction in question. We may request you to provide additional written information concerning any error.
C.5.9 Provided that you have complied with our reasonable requests for information, we will correct the error if it is our or any of our service providers’ fault. If we decide it is not our fault we will notify you in writing or by e-mail as soon as the decision is made.
C.5.10 We will re-credit the Account once investigations are completed.


C.6.1 Should your Account, for any reason, have a debit balance, you will pay interest at the maximum rate allowed by the National Credit Act. Such interest will accrue on a daily basis from the date of the debit balance until and including the date on which full repayment is credited to your Account, and will be compounded monthly in arrears.
C.6.2 Nothing herein shall be construed as entitling you to be overdrawn on your Account.
C.6.3 In the absence of an allocation, all deposits to your Account will be credited firstly to fees and finally to the principal debt.


C.7.1 A minimum balance, which will be advised on opening the Account and which may be amended from time to time, must be maintained in the Account.
C.7.2 You will be charged a fee when you purchase the card.
C.7.3 For each withdrawal made from an ATM we will charge a fee. Some ATM operators may also charge you an additional fee that will be deducted from the Account. You are responsible for any foreign ATM network surcharges applicable when using a foreign ATM.
C.7.4 If there is still a credit balance on the card, from the thirteenth month a monthly fee will become payable, as set out in the accompanying leaflet, or as may be advised to you from time to time by the Bank.
C.7.5 You will be responsible for the cost of replacing or re-issuing any card.
C.7.6 Re-loads to the card will attract a fee as set out in the quote provided during ordering or as advised to you from time to time.
C.7.7 Charges and fees will be recovered by debiting the charges and fees to the Account.
C.7.8 If a card transaction or ATM withdrawal is made in a currency other than that loaded on the card, the amount will be converted into the currency of the card. The exchange rate used for the conversion is the wholesale market rate or the government mandated rate (as determined by VISA) in effect the day the transaction is processed, increased by a margin determined by us.


C.8.1 You may close your Account at any time by visiting a branch, informing the call centre, writing to us, or emailing us. Your Account will remain open and will continue to attract the monthly fee, even after the card has expired, unless you inform us that you wish to close your Account.
C.8.2 If the card has already expired and a credit balance is available after fees we will pay you the balance converted to Rand at your request.
C.8.3 If the card is inactive for twelve (12) months and the funds on the card are less than the minimum balance, the Account will be flagged as dormant, the fees deducted in advance from the balance of the Account and the Account closed after another six (6) months of inactivity.
C.8.4 You will remain liable for all outstanding amounts and transactions effected subsequent to the Account being closed.
C.8.5 You must destroy the card so that it cannot be used again by cutting through the magnetic stripe. A card that is not destroyed correctly may still be used, and should this happen you will be responsible for the transactions.
C.8.6 You agree that your use of the card may be suspended or terminated from time to time for any reason and that the Bank will have no liability of any nature and however arising in consequence of any such suspension or termination. If we suspend or terminate your right to use the card, we will notify you accordingly and you must destroy your card as set out in C.8.5.
C.8.7 We may ask for the return of the card, cancel or suspend its use and end this agreement if:

C.8.7.1 we think the card has been or is likely to be misused;
C.8.7.2 you breach any of these terms;
C.8.7.3 we suspect any illegal use of the card;
C.8.7.4 you gave us false or inaccurate information when you applied for the card.

C.8.8 We may end this agreement for any other reason by giving you at least thirty (30) days’ notice.
C.8.9. Even if this agreement ends, we will be entitled to rely on the rights acquired under this agreement before it ended.
C.8.10 Upon closure of your Account or your right to use the card, the Bank will be entitled to inform any merchant, credit reference agency, or other person entitled to such information.


C.9.1 The safekeeping of your card is your responsibility.
C.9.2 You must keep the card, the security details and any PIN safe and secure by:

C.9.2.1 never allowing anyone else to use the card;
C.9.2.2 not interfering with any magnetic stripe or integrated circuit on the card;
C.9.2.3 not giving the card number to any unauthorised person;
C.9.2.4 not writing the PIN on the card;
C.9.2.5 not carrying the PIN with the card;
C.9.2.6 not recording the PIN where it may be accessed by other people;
C.9.2.7 not giving any security details to any unauthorised person;
C.9.2.8 complying with any reasonable instructions we give about keeping the card, and security details safe and secure;
C.9.2.9 never storing the card in your checked in luggage;
C.9.2.10 never allowing the card out of your line of sight at point-of-sale; and
C.9.2.11 keeping the PIN separate from the card in a safe place.

C.9.3 You will be responsible for all cash drawn and payments made with the card before the card is stopped.


You must:

C.10.1 notify the Call Centre, or your nearest branch immediately if you realise your card is lost or stolen or your PIN has become known to any other person. The Bank will stop the card as soon as reasonably possible after being advised. Delay in advising the Bank could result in a loss to you.
C.10.2 stop using the card and immediately notify the call centre if the card is lost or stolen, likely to be misused, or if you suspect that someone else may know the PIN or security details. We will suspend the account to prevent further use.
C.10.3 confirm details of the loss, theft or misuse to us in writing.
C.10.4 assist us and the police in any enquiries and attempts to recover a lost or stolen card.
C.10.5 not use a lost card subsequently found unless the call centre confirms that it may be used.


C.11.1 You will be liable for ALL losses if:

C.11.1.1 any card is misused with your consent.
C.11.1.2 you have been negligent, including failing to follow the card security rules (see clause C.9).
C.11.1.3 you have acted fraudulently.

C.11.2 Provided that we have been notified under clause C.10.1 to enable us to suspend the account to prevent further use, if the card is lost, stolen or misused you will not be liable for any transaction which you have not authorised, unless you have acted fraudulently or have failed to follow the card security rules (see clause C.9).


Where relevant, Visa Rules apply to the contractual relationship between you and the Bank, and such rules form part of these terms.


You should confirm that the World Currency Card can be utilised in the country you’re visiting by referring to our Website or by contacting your nearest branch prior to the commencement of your trip.


C.14.1 If you want to grant a power of attorney for re-loads to your card while you are abroad the power of attorney will be limited to re-load money on the Card only and will not allow access to information like account balances.
C.14.2 Re-loads on the card will form part of your Exchange Control Rulings limit and may not exceed such limit.



D.1.1 We shall send notices to the postal address or, where applicable, to the physical address specified in your card application form. It is your responsibility to notify us immediately in writing of any change to your address.
D.1.2 You shall send any notices or other communication to us at
Cardholder Services,
PO Box 185
D.1.3 We are entitled but not obliged to send you any notices to a cell phone number or an email address you have specified on your application form. Such email/sms communication will be regarded as having been received by you, unless the contrary is proved.


Irrespective of any product dispute you may have with the merchant, such dispute will not affect our right to effect payment to the merchant.


D.3.1 You may not vary any of these terms.
D.3.2 On renewal of your card, current terms will be provided. By using your card you will be deemed to have accepted the rules in force at the time.
D.3.3 If there is any inconsistency between our records and your records, our records will prevail and you will bear the onus of proving that our records are incorrect.
D.3.4 We will be entitled to debit your Account with the amount of any cheque or negotiable instrument plus the resultant fee if it is dishonoured.
D.3.5 If the Bank takes legal action against you to recover any amount due by you, you will be liable for the Bank’s costs (including all legal fees, collection commission, and tracing fees) on the scale as between attorney and own client.
D.3.6 You agree that the Bank may sue you in the Magistrates Court, even if the claim against you exceeds the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court.
D.3.7 A certificate signed by any Bank manager or director (whose appointment need not be proved) as to the amount of your debt to the Bank, the fact that the amount is payable, the rate of interest payable, and the date from which such interest is calculated, will be sufficient proof of the facts stated in the certificate for the purpose of provisional sentence or summary judgment proceedings or for any other purpose.
D.3.8 You must immediately inform us if you are placed under administration, become insolvent or have any other form of legal disability.
D.3.9 Every provision of this agreement is deemed to be separate and severable, the one from the others. Should any provision be found to be unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall nevertheless continue to be of full force and effect.
D.3.10 The agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
D.3.11 Should you instruct us to hand your card to couriers for delivery to you, you hereby hold us harmless against any claims, damages, and losses arising from such instruction.
D.3.12 You accept the financial limits imposed on transfer of funds agreed by you and the Bank from time to time.
D.3.13 The provision of the Services will not entitle the Customer to overdraw the Account if borrowing arrangements have not been made with the Bank, or to overdraw in excess of any borrowing limit agreed by the Bank.
D.3.14 All debit transactions generated via the Services will be confirmed against the available balance in the Account and will only be processed by the Bank if the available balance in the Account is sufficient to accommodate the debit entry.
D.3.15 When the Customer uses the Services outside the Republic of South Africa, such use will be subject to exchange control regulations and it is the Customer’s responsibility to comply with those regulations.


We may, in our sole discretion and at any time, amend these terms. The latest terms may be viewed in our website at www.bidvestbank.co.za. You may terminate use of the Services immediately if the amended terms are unacceptable.

Bidvest Bank Limited (Reg No 2000/006478/06) is a licensed financial services provider and a registered credit provider.

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